Meenuliyan Para

Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para Meenuliyan Para

            Meenuliyan Para is a beautiful mountain peak in Idukki district situated at a distance of 36 kms from Thodupuzha. The surface of this huge rock mountain looks like fish scales and hence the mountain gets the name ‘ Meenuliyan Para’. This wonderful greenish location with small streams and wild trees offers you a misty and airy atmosphere to the visitors. On the way to the mountain peak, one can experience the beauty of three waterfalls joining to form one big waterfall.
            Adventurous tourism is the main attraction of this hilly area. Trekking and climbing the mountain are a lot encouraged here. As the roads to the mountain peak are less travelled, tourists can enjoy exploring the undiscovered paths. It is easy to climb the mountain under any climate. Monsoon is the best season to visit the place, since it adds more beauty to the adventurous tourism. Small streams at different locations in the hillock region flowing down to reach a river is an exciting sight that one can enjoy only at monsoons.
            There is a small forest area at the top of the hillock with tall trees and branches. Small wild animals like snakes, hares, mongoose, monitor lizards etc inhabits the region. Trekking through the forest offers you soul – soothing sights of wild streams glittering in the rays of light that burst through the forest. There is also a flat piece of rock that stands vertically in the middle of the forest. Visitors will get surprised to see the image of a five-headed snake in this piece of rock, and for this reason the forest is sometimes called as ‘Abode of Snakes’.
            Getting to the top of the mountain peak is highly risky, but once you reach you can view suicide point and streams flowing between the mountains. Clouds moving through the valleys touching the mountain is another enchanting beauty offered by ‘Meenuli’.

The Content is provided by the Block Panchayath Idukki, Idukki District, Kerala.